The application to support the intermodal container supply chain

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What is STACK?

STACK is the online application to manage and support your intermodal supply chain without losing the big picture. From entry in the port, to delivery at the customers doorstep and return of to the depot. This can be done by transport over land using trucking, over water using barges and even planning transport by train is possible. This way, you always have a good overview of where the containers are in the chain.

Also easy to use is the invoicing part at the end of transport. Easily set up different prices per customer, which will be automatically recognized and processed by the application, so they won’t pay too much or too little.

In short: it’s the application to make your work much easier!

STACK is for... you?

Container terminals

Train operators

Barge operators


Shipping companies

Application Modules

Order Entry

Drag and drop orders from the inbox

Order Entry works in a very easy and clear way: the entire transportflow is shown in one overview using coloured spheres that show which actions are completed. You can quickly see which actions should be done in order to complete the whole order.

Just as easy is the addition of containers to your orders. They can be added quickly or be easily changed, without doing the same actions over and over again.

Drag and Drop

By using the built in dropbox, it is also possible to import Excel files in the inbox. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to enter these orders manually saving a lot of time!

Barge Planning

Easily plan containers on barges with the planboard

STACK's barge planning uses a structured, easy to use planboard to show where and which barges are planned. By using colors for each different port or terminal it's easy to see where you can plan your orders. To plan a container you can simply drag and drop it onto a voyage.

It's even possible to change an order while it is planned on a barge throughout the Barge Planning, as long as the order has not been handled. This keeps STACK very flexible.

Unplanned containers

Every unplanned container can readily be found in a list under the planboard. This gives you clear overview and also keeps you up-to-date on which containers still need to be planned. There is also the option to indicate barge swaps to easily plan containers onto another barge.

Train Planning

A simple way to plan containers on a train with the planboard

For transport planning by train the train planner is used. Just as the barge planning, it is possible to simply drag and drop containers on the correct train and wagon. In the clear overview it is easy to see which train is planned at a particular time.


Every necessary document for transporting containers can be proceed here. For example, transport orders, order confirmation, but also CMR documents. These documents can also be stored as a PDF file.

Truck Planning

With STACK you can plan containers on trucks as well

With STACK's truck planning it's possible to plan containers onto the desired truck. Drag and drop is used to keep things easy to use. You can plan by day, this way every involved person knows when the relevant container is transported.

When you create an overview all truck rides are ordered together on the given date or on truck basis.


The Truck Planning gives you the ability to generate the needed documents for each transport. This could mean a transport orders, order confirmations, as well as a CMR or an AVR bill of lading. These documents can also be stored as a PDF file.


Creating invoices made easy with automatic rates and massa invoicer

Automatic Rates

Automatic rates makes it possible to create basic rates for each leg of the transport or even to create a customer specific rate. Customer specific rates are always used above basic rates, this prevents the customer from paying too little or too much.

You have the possiblility to create prices for different scenario's as well as for contracts made with the customer.

Massa Invoicer

Using the massa invoicer you can generate multiple invoices in one go, making self-billing scenarios a breeze. Simply enter the references from a statement to generate all the requested invoices.

You can create invoices by container or by booking. This way invoices can be created precisely the way you want them and determine how you want to send the invoices to the customers.


Terminal App

With the use of our Terminal App, it is easy to “Gate in” and “Gate out” containers, manage container moves and to control weight. All information is updated realtime.


Containers, which are reusable, are shown here. Hereby, one has always a good overview of available containers.


How many containers are usable and where are they on the terminal? How long have they been there? This part gives a clear overview.


In the management overview statistics about your operation are shown giving a good overview of the state of your business.

Track & Trace

Here you can follow the locations of the your equipment.

Equipment Control

Control containers and other equipment within STACK.


Have full control over your history. This feature keeps a log with every change that is made and by which person the change was made.

And much more

STACK has a lot more to offer and if you're interested you can always contact us for more information.

Contact Information

Would you like to know more about STACK? Or are you thinking about using it? Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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